New Garage Apartment

The Owner wishes to add a new apartment over his existing garage. The home is in an historic neighborhood, Prior to building permit application, the design must be granted a “Certificate of Appropriateness” after a review by the local committee having jurisdiction. The gestures employed to comply with neighborhood design guidelines include:

1 – Conforming with the vernacular

2 – Matching existing exterior finishes and colors

3 – Echoing existing exterior details such as gable over gable roof framing; roof slope; soffit detail; window, door and corner trim; window style and proportion; projected girders and a front terrace recalling the existing porch.

New Garage Apartment


VillaCorona is inspired by what is anecdotally known as the world’s smallest Target store. Whether it is real or simply clever social commentary overlaid on an abandoned shed is secondary to the sense of utter bleakness its isolation evokes. It simultaneously represents the nightmare of social quarantine and the daydream of peaceful retreat. Could social quarantine ever become peaceful retreat?

According to google, corona holiday camp translates as dian yun dujia ying in simple Chinese. It is a place where people may self isolate together. Wave to your neighbor while practicing appropriate tectonic distancing.


Work from home. Communicate from home. Live life from home. Conform with social restrictions from home.


Atelier Plan A and B

atelier (at-l-yey, at-l-yey: French atuh-lyey)

  • a workshop or studio especially of an artist, artisan or designer
  • a more eloquent term for garage apartment
Isometric Interior View

Plan A – a two bedroom plan designed for roommates:

Plan B – a one bedroom plan designed for single or double occupancy:

Exterior Elevations:


Perspective View:

Atelier Plan A and B